• Even in the middle of winter, my favorite beverages are icy. I like partially frozen soda and partially frozen Vitamin Water best.
  • Maybe more people do actually have it this week than have had it all season…or maybe it’s a Facebook algorithm that keeps making it pop up in my feed, but the abundance of flu-related posts made me drop everything, grab The Who, and go get us flu shots. (Yes, I should have already done it. It was a wholly unpleasant experience for both of us, which is why it wasn’t done in the first place.)
  • I’ve never felt so conflicted about football in my life. First of all, I have felt guilty all season because of, well, basically, how terrible the NFL is in general. Secondly, the f’ing Patriots keep being assholes. They’re super white, super Republican, super sneaky, and basically shitty. But, I have an abundance of hometown pride and sports is one way to show it. Rooting for the Pats feels like home and loyalty and familiarity and I love it. And, finally, it has never been harder to be a Pats fan in Philly than it is right now. (And it has been pretty hard in the past.)
  • I can do lots of things, but not everything. Today, it felt like I had to do all the things. And there’s still an entire list of things I didn’t even do, but should have done.
  • Our DNA results are in and I totally want to look, but since we all spit in a tube together, I feel like we should all receive our results together, so I’m waiting. I don’t expect any surprises in my mix; the Russian Jews were a pretty insular bunch back in the shtetl. But The Who could have some interesting tidbits. What we know about him is only what his donor reported and even then, who knows.
  • Talking about DNA with The Who brought up the discussion of the Donor Sibling Registry, which I had never told him about before. It’s something I know lots of parents have participated in and something I am definitely tempted to look at, but I am pretty solid in my opinion that it should be his choice when he’s ready, if he ever is. He seemed intrigued at the idea of having half-sibs floating around out there, so I presume he will ask about it at some point, but he hasn’t yet. I wonder if getting the results will remind him.
  • Our household has 5 original knees and one brand new bionic one. Soon, we will have four original knees and two bionics. I’m eager to see how our lives will shift and change when that roadblock has been removed. Of course now, in the thick of it, it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

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