• It’s raining madly and will rain all night and all day tomorrow. I want to complain about it but I really can’t. Because Harvey. And Irma. But, dammit, I just don’t have the right outerwear for this kind of rain. 
  • I was a jerk to my kid this afternoon and it took me much too long to apologize. The silver lining of the whole exchange is that I got to witness how good he is at expressing himself and holding his own. I need to do better. 
  • I spent the evening doing the kind of work that I am really good at but that is super tedious and takes forever. I only got through 12 of the 90-something pages I need to finish by Thursday, which feels impossible because
  • Tomorrow is a staff retreat at work, which means I can’t just hunker down and get it done. Which means I’ll be doing it tomorrow night after the retreat and the commute and kid pick-up and back-to-school night. 
  • I still totally love my job, though. And I have ZERO regrets as my friends begin their teaching years. Seriously zero. 
  • And speaking of beginnings of years, we have ourselvelves a newly minted third grader. How is it possible that my Who is in his hump-year of elementary school? Wasn’t he just a kindergartener yesterday?