• The Who came to work with me today. He was a great cube-mate.
  • The Philly double decker bus tour is still interesting, even having done it at least five times.
  • It’s hot, but it’s tolerable. Thank you, Universe, for this weekend.
  • Tomorrow, Phillies.
  • Philly, Philly, Philly, Philly. That’s what you do when you have out-of-town guests.
  • We had cheesesteaks for dinner, even.
  • The relationship between my nephew and The Who is just a delight to witness.
  • Still with the working mom guilt, but getting better. I’ll be happier when he is back in school and the routine is more stable.
  • I intended to go to bed at 10, but then I got sucked in by technology.
  • The mail chute that leads directly to the post office in my building was one of the highlights of The Who’s day at the office. We didn’t even use it; he just remembered it as being cool.
  • I hand-fed him bits of Pirate’s Booty on the bus this afternoon like one would dose a child with medicine. Sometimes, that’s what a snack is with this kid. I think we are all beginning to understand it this way.

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