NFL Draft Experience.

Here are ten things I learned today, in no particular order:

  1. In case I ever thought it was just coincidental before, I now know for certain that standing in bright sunshine and high heat for a while will lead to a panic attack.
  2. Some people who smoke are very indignant about it, even when there are kids around.
  3. People will stand in line for a long time to do very little.
  4. Kids are often more logical than adults.
  5. I will pay $6 for a lukewarm bottle of Gatorade if it’s hot enough and I am thirsty enough.
  6. The NFL’s viewership must really be suffering if they’re willing to do all this for the draft.
  7. It pays to be a Patriots fan in Eagle-town at an event like this. Shorter lines for photo ops.
  8. Sweatbands are a good giveaway idea.
  9. The new ice cream store on our street is super.
  10. Video games in air conditioned basements is the perfect end to this day.

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