• We’re on the road to a video game system. The Who has been casually asking for one for several months and I have always said he’d have to really beg for one for a long time before we got one. He’s definitely amped up his asking lately, so we devised a sticker chart earning system tied to behaviors and habits that need changing anyway. He can earn up to 5-6 stickers a day and needs 150 to get the system. A month is about the right amount of time to create a new pathway in the brain, right? He’ll totally be putting his clothes in the hamper and getting ready for school on time by the time the chart’s filled, right? RIGHT?
  • Basketball season is over. Saturday morning (at EIGHT AM, THANK YOU VERY MUCH) was the last game and it was bittersweet. On the one hand, ending basketball means getting ready for spring and Little League. On the other hand, this was an incredibly rewarding entrée into the world of team sports. He got to be on a team with one of his besties, made a bunch of new friends, and had an awesome coach, who actually made decent strides with this bunch of 1st and 2nd graders. We definitely saw improvement throughout the ten weeks. Plus, it gave me a new appreciation for basketball as a sport, which was never anything I either understood or cared about.
  • I’m feeling a lot less misanthropic these days. When DeVos was confirmed, it was really an all-time low for me. I felt like no matter what anyone did, nothing would matter. Since then, I have seen reports about her confirmation being the only one that called for a tie-breaking vote and that was due in large part to all the calls people have made. I have seen Under Armour walk back their support of 45 (in a sort of weak way that didn’t make much sense, but nevertheless…) and Ivanka’s clothes are being sold for $1 at Marshalls. Plus, I am a little bit jazzed about some guerrilla art projects that are taking shape in my head.
  • I’m finding it hard not to be petty and aggressive lately. I have had to bite my tongue a number of times over the past month — and there have been an equal number of times where I probably should have bitten my tongue and didn’t. A combination of approaching my mid-40s (43 days ’til 43, but who’s counting?) and a general laissez-faire attitude about making my opinions known has led to some a couple of uncomfortable social situations. I’ll blame Trump (why not?) Ever since the election (and the months leading up to it), I’ve been intentionally controversial on social media. I’ve been making conscious decisions to say exactly what I think of Trump supporters and policies. I’ve made no apologies, even when people accused me of name-calling or stooping to a level lower than was expected. It’s true. Sometimes when they went low, I went lower. I’m not exactly proud of it, but I’m not ashamed of it either. Unfortunately, though, this attitude has carried over into realms where it shouldn’t. I took today to check in with myself. I did no work (save the dishes, laundry, and hard-boiling a dozen eggs for the week) and instead watched movies and intermittently sought advice from trusted friends. I think I’m ready to pull up my big girl pants again. It’s not going to be easy.
  • I’ve been eating through bags and bags of clementines. The label advertises them as “candy sweet” and I’ll cosign. It always feels like a kick in the ass, though, when my intake of fresh fruit and vitamin C are at an all-time high and I still come down with a cold. I’d like to blame global warming and this irrational weather, but I know colds come from germs and nothing else. I’ve also developed a batch of sores in my mouth from all the acidity. Still, it’s worth it. Especially when the collection of mandarin peels and poured out coffee in the sink make the scent of sunshine and morning swirl through my kitchen.

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