The Who is one of the most patriotic people I’ve ever met. He loves this country. He trusts in the freedoms and our leaders. He adores Obama, gives more reverence to our flag than it even deserves. He understands racism and sexism and is disappointed in the Americans who represent that, but his love for our country and faith in the inherent goodness of our people is pure.

This morning, when I told him the election results, he cried. He climbed into bed next to me and cuddled up close. And as M* wrapped her arms around the both of us, he said, “I don’t think the second to last line of The Star Spangled Banner is true anymore.”

This is what this man and these people and this election has done. It has taken a loving and innocent and hopeful 8-year-old and given him reason to doubt what he fiercely believed.

We have to do better.

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