Can NOT.

The other day, I overheard The Who and his buddy in the backseat of the car. It went like this:

The Who (as we passed a Trump sign): Why would anyone want to vote for him?
Friend: I know. What will happen if he gets elected?
TW: Well, he wants to build a wall all the way from Mexico to Canada! And make Mexico pay for it. But he won’t get to do it because Congress won’t allow that.
F: Yeah and he also hates all the people in Mexico.
TW: Yeah and anyone who has black or brown skin. He wants to kill them all.
F: So, if he gets to be president, that means he might shoot X* (a friend in their grade who is Black)
TW: I know! So he can’t become president!
F: He can NOT.

Second graders, you guys. This is what he is doing to second graders.

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