1. There has been a near-constant symphony of wind chimes in my neighborhood for the past two days. It makes the raw, rainy wind seem almost pretty. 
  2. The Who has woken up whimpering (uncharacteristically) three times since he fell asleep (late, after having uncharacteristic trouble falling asleep.) The last time, he said, in his half-asleep stupor: “I have a problem.” But he couldn’t articulate it. We did discuss some stressful/loaded things tonight, among them possibly missing a really important and exciting event at school due to planned travel as well as talking about what kind of summer vacationing we should do. I think it’s gotta be anxiety. Those are some big things for a little kid. 
  3. After an unplanned missed first day of teaching for me, tomorrow is my actual first day. It’s practically Christmas break already. I hope I don’t forget to go. 
  4. I made a scant few phone calls for Hillary tonight, asking democrats to canvass this weekend. No one said yes, but a 73-year-old man did talk to me for ten minutes about what a shitshow Trump is and how he’s gonna vote a straight Democratic ticket even though he is registered Independent. (Not according to my list, but whatevs.) I also called a woman whose teenaged son said she was home, had an audible conversation with her about who I was and why I was calling (he didn’t know) and then eventually came back and told me she was in the shower. 
  5. Saturday I am taking The Who with me to sit in our town and register voters. We cannot fuck around with Pennsylvania. There’s way too much at stake. 

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