• I watched the hell out of that debate last night. And then I discussed it with no fewer than five people in person. I listened to Fox & Friends and MSNBC break it down this morning and then I scrolled through Facebook posts about it intermittently during the day. I watched the Will & Grace “reunion” and loved every one of the 9 minutes (why can’t that show still be on?) I looked at a LOT of memes and gifs (my favorite was the shimmying Hillary and the shimmying Shaq) and now? Now I am goddamn saturated. I hate Trump as a person and as a “politician” (really?) If he is elected, he will certainly destroy many things, but the destruction I am most worried about is our faith in humanity. I have to think about other things for a few days.
  • The Sox did not clinch the AL East tonight in Yankee Stadium, as we had hoped. I love me some Soxtober; I hope they can get it done.
  • I’m writing fiction! This is monumental news. I’ve tried it before, but never been successful, mostly because it always sounds contrived and trite. I could never find a storyline that appealed to me, that held my interest. I’ve heard about fiction writers who actually know their characters, who think about them, but I never understood it. Except now, I have a character that I can’t get out of my head. I’m worried about him, about how he will cope with the stuff that’s coming down the pike for him. In a story. A make believe story that is not real. Of course, my main character is loosely based on The Who. But, still. Fiction!

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