Mostly, I just want to sit quietly and work on my new puzzle. And nothing is actually stopping me from doing that except inertia.

We breezed into town in the late afternoon yesterday, in just enough time for me to unload the car, shower, and head out to a staff orientation meeting. This morning I was up and out before 7 to gather breakfast for the teachers at The Who’s school, later this afternoon is Open House at school, and then after everyone else is asleep, I will join a secretive cohort of stealthy mamas to do secret stealthy things under the cover of night. Then it will be Friday. Blissful, plan-free Friday.

We loved our time in Boston so much that we’re ready to book the same house again for next year. As soon as the airbnb glitch (the one where they think I am trying to book a house with a check-in date in the past) is worked out, we’ll have solidified plans for next summer. We also just booked flights and hotels for our next trip to Boston in the fall for my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. Oh, Boston, I just can’t quit you.

Photo Sep 01, 11 43 59 AM

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