We’re looking at thunderstorms and “oppressive humidity” for the next several days. I don’t have much more to say about that. Every day can’t be as beautiful as the last few, right?

Photo Aug 03, 8 35 23 PM

Lake Champlain at sunset

We went to Vermont for an overnight with my mom last week. It was a long, pretty drive through two states The Who had never been to.


We started at the Ben & Jerry’s factory. I mean, is there a better place to start a visit to Vermont with a 7-year-old?

Photo Aug 04, 1 06 09 PM

We learned about maple tapping at Bragg’s Sugar House, a little mom-and-pop operation.

Photo Aug 04, 1 23 28 PM

Tree spiles (taps)

Photo Aug 04, 1 03 44 PM

The Who did a syrup taste test (or two) and decided that the darkest amber was his favorite.

Photo Aug 03, 6 13 17 PM

Our hotel had a great pool and a game room, where The Who and I played many games of ping pong and air hockey.

Photo Aug 04, 2 49 38 PM

Day Two of what turned out to be an eating tour of Vermont brought us to the Cabot Creamery to learn about cheese-making. Also, we got to wear these fancy booties on our factory tour.

The weather continued to cooperate for our plans early this week, beginning with a trip to a local state park’s lake. I would never choose to swim in a lake, being the pool-girl that I am. But we were meeting family, so I bit the bullet and was pleasantly surprised. The lake was clean and warm and not at all gross. The beach was easy to navigate and populated with friendly families. Also, since it was unguarded, The Who got to use inflatable balls and sit on the guard chair.



The next day, we drove down the cape to our now-annual visit with college friends. I swam right next to a (dead?) crab. The tide pools gave The Who a lot to discover.

Photo Aug 10, 12 52 49 AM



After an overnight with a different college friend whom I hadn’t seen in 20 years, we headed off the cape and landed in the city for game night at a friend’s apartment.


We learned this new game: King of Tokyo, which The Who loved and can’t wait to play again.

The Who fell asleep mere moments into our drive home and gladly crawled into bed as soon as we arrived back at the house. It’s been a busy several days, so let it rain. We’re laying low tomorrow.



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