Week One.

I had a post started about the convention and how excited we were to watch and listen, but I never could get the story to grow wings, so I let it go. Suffice it to say that we watched together and when it got too late, we went to bed and listened to the speeches in the morning. We were both moved by Michelle Obama’s speech and The Who has asked to listen to it twice since the first time. There is always much “whoo”-ing and spontaneous applause. Over the course of the week, I have taught him about the glass ceiling, the crucial differences in the party platforms, and what it means to hold the nuclear codes. We both learned a lot.

It’s hard to believe that we’ve only been here a week, given all that we have done. Here are the photo highlights:

Photo Jul 30, 1 41 28 PM

We spent a beautiful day on the Common and in the Public Garden, looking at weeping willows and riding the swan boats.

Photo Jul 30, 11 00 56 AM

There was swimming in Frog Pond and completing “missions” in the Tadpole Playground.

Photo Jul 30, 9 36 28 AMp

And the obligatory sit upon Mrs. Mallard. (One day, I will print all the years we have of this same shot and frame them together.)

Photo Jul 30, 1 14 13 PMp

The Who used 4 of his 5 allowance dollars to tip the balloon guy. It was a big decision; he really wanted it.

Photo Jul 30, 1 14 42 PM

He ended up with this alien flying an airplane, which delighted him for — oh, about fifteen minutes until it blew out of his hand and the alien promptly popped. Within a half hour in the hot car, another piece had popped and by morning, it was nothing. (I refunded his allowance dollars partly because I felt bad, but also because I think he didn’t really understand the value element of the such a (relatively) spendy purchase.)

Photo Aug 01, 11 40 29 PM (1)

It was pretty fun watching him make it, though.

Photo Aug 01, 11 40 38 PM (1)

And for his last trick, The Who rode the carousel on his own. For as daring and self-possessed as he is in many ways (he goes in to order and pay for his own sandwich at Dunkies!) he has been very tenuous about carousels (in fact, rides in general) and has mostly only ridden the bench. The one time he did ride an animal, he insisted I ride one too, right next to him. This time, he didn’t even ask me to accompany him.

There are three more things of note from this first week, but it’s past midnight and we’ve had a few late ones in a row. This will have to do for tonight.

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