• In three days we leave for Boston, not to return until 5 days before school starts. It simultaneously feels like summer is almost over and like it’s just about to begin. 
  • I am getting my car detailed for the first time ever on Friday. It has always felt much too extravagant a thing to do, but actually, I have spent $100 on things that don’t add to my quality of life at all, so.
  • My hair is shorter than it’s ever been in my life. She used clippers, even. I feel like I have so much to say about hair — about hiding behind long hair, about coloring or not coloring it (mine still isn’t colored and now that it’s so short, it’s fully gray), about societal expectations, femmeness, dykiness, fatness, change, commitment, comfort, fear. This is the post that keeps rattling around in my head, but it’s still not fully formed. 
  • The Who is getting ready for second grade. 
  • We are about to embark on Harry Potter, Book 5. We only began reading them one year ago. 
  • Everyone’s got trip anxiety and while The Who’s makes him want to be with me/play with me/baby talk to me/challenge me, mine makes me want to be all alone all the time. It’s not the best mix. 
  • My time is up. Back to the to-do list. 

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