1. I can’t stop twirling my hair. And braiding it. And touching it. Flipping it. Putting it up. Taking it down. Is it because it’s too long or because I have a real problem? Either way, I wore a high ponytail today for the first time in about 30 years and I kind of loved it. 
  2. I’ve had this sort of persistent, yet fleeting feeling of sadness for the past week. Sadness? Discomfort? Anxiety? It’s never around long enough for me to pin it down. 
  3. I really love dogs and I never expected that I would. I was pretty terrified of them as a kid, despite having had one for a few years. Maybe it’s because I’ve been drawing them? Lately, though, there’s just nothing cuter than a dog to me. Except that one freckle on The Who’s left brow bone. But that’s it. That freckle and then all dogs. 
  4. There is no chance Donald Trump will make America great again. Who do people think there is a chance of that?
  5. The Who has a poetry reading tomorrow, a piano recital this weekend, a writers’ awards ceremony in a couple of weeks, and a ballet recital in June. I love watching him do all his things. 

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