This little trip was short and sweet. Just a taste of what summer will be. Here are some highlights. (Not pictured: the impromptu awesome your we got of our awesome air bnb for August. We did a drive-by and the owners happened to be there and invited us in to look around. It’s amazing. Also not pictured: Passover. Because I’m pretty sure Moses would frown on photos at the Seder. Although, I did video The Who reciting The Four Questions, so…)

There was a lot of face-swapping this weekend, including with my ma, my bestie, and my nephew. 

We visited The Hall at Patriots Place, which definitely was a highlight for The Who. 

There was a lot of trampolining, basketball, baseball, Uno, checkers, dominoes, and wrestling, but only one rug burn and one bump on the forehead to show for it. 

And then on our last day, mini-golf and batting cages. The Who used a “tens” strategy to tabulate his score, which made me rethink common core math a little. And when big cousin helped little cousin make contact in the cages, I died a little from the cute.

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