These are my questions. 

  1. Why do I stay up an hour past the time I know is best for me to go to bed?
  2. Why does The Who wake up crying and talking in his sleep nearly every night around 11pm?
  3. Why does the beauty and perfection of springtime take me by surprise every single year?
  4. Why do I not read literary journals when there are so many I would love?
  5. Who let the dogs out?
  6. Why do I feel so guilty for not keeping Passover or fasting on Yom Kippur, but not at all guilty for opting out of other religious traditions?
  7. How is it that small southern towns can be so backwards about some things and so forward-thinking about others?
  8. Why does coffee taste so good?
  9. How is it possible that I got the exact same wound in the exact same place for the exact same reason 35 years later?
  10. Why do I keep forgetting to buy bananas week after week?

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