The Who and I spent my birthday weekend in Washington DC with my college best friend and her family. These are the same people we spent a week with in Seattle three years ago. (The bonus of having friends in the military is that they keep supplying places to visit in different parts of the country.)

Now, is it just me or have the museums in DC gotten kind of…weak? My recollection from when I was a kid was that they were amazing. The American History Museum used to be chock full of artifacts. Isn’t the Smithsonian considered the gold standard for collections of authentic, rare artifacts? I mean, yes. They still have Dorothy’s slippers and Archie Bunker’s chair (and other cool things like a circa 1800 Torah ark and Ray Charles’ piano), but I thought I remembered halls and halls and halls of awesome things. (To their credit, they do seem to have many things to come in 2017 and 2018, but still..)

Photo Apr 09, 4 27 24 PM

Photo Apr 09, 5 17 54 PM

Anyway, even including the somewhat disappointing museum trip, this weekend trip was a total win. The Who fell into rhythm with the kids within minutes of getting out of the car when the middle girl (a third grader) asked him if he wanted to see the rope swing in the front yard and from that moment on, I barely even saw his face all weekend. Between the foosball table, the boiler-room forts, the basement sleepovers, the backyard trampoline, and the motorized ride-on toys — not to mention the ready availability of a playmate every waking moment, he was occupied almost the entire time. And with him in kid-heaven, I was free to catch up with my pal and our plethora of TiVo’d trashy reality TV that we’d saved up to watch together.


All kinds of fun. And a great way to ring in 42.

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