One very long paragraph.

I’m a much bigger fan of the Mitsubishi Jet Towel than any of the other high-powered, towel-less public bathroom hand driers on the market. It’s also recently come to my attention that the word “internet” no longer needs to be capitalized, according to APA standards. (Despite my professional commitment to MLA, APA is still my preferred method of citation. It’s much more direct; the rules are much more explicit. That is appealing to me.) My heart is racing because of the two caffeine pills (Excedrin Migraine) I have just washed down with a big cup of dark roast coffee from Panera. Worth it, though, to be able to sit beside a bright window without needing to wear a mask over my eyes, which would look so weird in a public place. Plus, it really does a number on my hair. I am sitting at the exact table where I went into labor. Every time I cough, the couple sitting right in front of me looks at me with what I deem to be disgust. They are speaking another language, though, so I don’t know if they are actually disgusted or if those are just their resting faces. I’d like to be well by my birthday, which is in four days. When it snows in Boston during the first week of April, as it is doing now, I smile a little because my mother always reports that it snowed on the day I was born. I smile more about it now that I don’t live there, though, because fuck snow in April, really. Today will be the third class I have taught of this term and my students still won’t know what my actual voice sounds like. The Who told me yesterday that he doesn’t even remember what my voice sounds like. I don’t really either. It’s sort of disconcerting. The Who starts basketball tonight and is wearing a Golden State Warriors jersey to school today. I’m not sure if the two are related since he seems to wear a sports jersey every day now. He is excitedly awaiting delivery of a pair of red-piped white baseball pants (to go with the tall red socks, black belt, and Red Sox jersey he already has.) He likes to look the part. I am very good at coming up with innovative classroom activities, but not very good at leading classroom discussions. So, my innovative activity for today will be to assign discussion leadership duties to the students. Win-win. There’s a cherry hamentaschen with my name on it sitting on my kitchen counter. Go Nova.

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