It feels like full disclosure is important here — just so no one thinks that my brilliant theme-day week was without consequence. Yes, we had a wonderful four days of one-on-one palling around. And yes, without notable exception, we had an easy breezy time together. And also yes, we soaked up the whole week of spring sunshine. But, by midday Friday sort of, and in full force by Saturday, he wore. out. his. goddamn. welcome.

It doesn’t need to be said that I adore my child, right? This is not even up for debate, right? We know this. And we also probably don’t need to reiterate that I love the things about him that make him who he is — the inquisitiveness, the silliness, the sense of humor, the intelligence, the love of learning, the articulateness, the energy — all of it. I wouldn’t change any of it if given the chance. But, holy moly is it draining sometimes.

And by sometimes, I mean most of the time.

It didn’t help that I was sick all week and kept going  anyway (because, really, what was the alternative?) or that we stayed indoors all day yesterday (except for his brief foray into the yard to weed the raised bed.) It’s also not ideal that now my cold has turned into a full-fledged barking cough that damn near makes me wet my pants every time it explodes out of me or that I’m currently host to a delightful case of the PMS.

What does help is the remarkably kind offer from a friend to have him over for a play date for almost four hours this morning/afternoon and the robo-call from our school principal reminding us that school is back in session tomorrow. (Because I could have possibly forgotten?) Of course, my school is also back in session tomorrow, so maybe I should take a look at my syllabus in the few precious minutes I have left before he bursts in the back door from his play date, all hyped and ready to charge through the remaining five hours of this Spring Break.

(Not that I’m counting.)

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