He plucked Philly Day from the hat this morning, and although we got off to a little bit of a rough start (sort of underslept, the both of us) we made it truly banner. The weather, while a little cold in the shade, was perfect for what we had planned and we hit almost all the things on our list.


We didn’t take a train.


He said, “Ever since I have known that it existed, I have wanted to go to Chinatown.” This was news to me, but still as good a reason as any to make this the first “hop off” of our hop-on-hop-off bus tour.


It is not news to me that he loves mu shu chicken, but I was delighted that he gobbled up all the cabbage and mushrooms I threw in there with it. Lunch in Chinatown for the win!


We hopped off at Love Park next, which was actually just the Love sculpture sitting in front of City Hall while the park is renovated.


And while we had hoped to be able to run around the park a little, we found some open space perfect for that just a block away. The timing was right for this sculpture garden because he is so into board games right now. “I captured the rook!” he shouted from up there.


Jumping out of chronological order for a second to compare the view of this same spot from about 500 feet above. That’s the rook where he was standing moments before.


Running and jumping is an essential midday activity for this kid.


There are definitely better politicians than Rizzo to emulate, but there are also way, way worse.


Signing the register as we waited for our personal escort up to the top of the City Hall Tower. Only four people were allowed up at a time.


Taking this photo felt sort of like upskirting. Except not. Obviously. Still, it was cool to be so close to the statue of William Penn atop City Hall after having seen it from afar for so long.


He loved that the directions of the city were printed on the windows. A holdover from his not-gone-yet obsessions with maps and compass roses.


We had a few minutes to kill before hopping back on, so we squeezed in a quick game of Crazy 8’s with our new deck of Philly cards.


We did the second half of the tour under cover on the top deck. All of the view, none of the wind. We timed it perfectly, as it turned out — having gotten to see all the things we wanted to see on the front end so that we could sit back and enjoy the back end of the tour without hopping anywhere.


Well, our timing was almost perfect. We arrived back at the beginning at 5:10pm, ten minutes after the Liberty Bell closed. Fortunately, he was content to view it through the window.

We are halfway through theme days; tomorrow’s either “Sports Day” or “Yes Day.” Stay tuned!

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