Leprechaun traps. When did this become a thing? Has this always been a thing? Was it just a thing for Irish kids? Because I can tell you that the little Jews were not trapping leprechauns in the early 80s. But it’s 2016 and my little Who is trapping leprechauns. It feels like maybe it’s racist. Or appropriating? It also feels like I might have had this same dilemma last year…

I’m choosing to focus on his ingenuity this year instead of all the rest of it. He was really bummed that the leprechaun escaped last year from what he was sure was a foolproof contraption. He can’t remember where he left his basketball ten minutes ago, but he remembers that last year, an imaginary tiny man climbed out of a mason jar that we left on the dining room table, full of a ragtag collection of my old gold jewelry. 

“While I’m at school,” he instructed me this morning, “look up leprechaun traps online. When you find the one that you’re sure will work, go to the craft store and get the supplies and we can make it after school so it’s ready for St. Patty’s.” (He actually said ‘St. Patty’s’.) I agreed because craft store, that’s why. 

The day got away from me, of course and even though I had actually looked up some viable traps, no crafting supplies were procured. And that’s when the genius idea of a Lego trap came to me. (I’m lying. I saw a Lego trap on Pinterest, which is where all the ideas ever had and all those yet to come reside.)

Miraculously, he went downstairs to the Lego cache alone (he never does this anymore) and spent nearly an hour devising something with a net. There will also be Vaseline and Cling Wrap involved at some point. He quoted Dr. Seuss to lure in the hapless leprechaun. He filled the cavity with Trader Joe’s “Coins of the World” and he fully expects there to be a small man dressed in green tails and top hat lying in there, resigned, on Friday morning.    

Good thing Pinterest also linked me to a “Sorry the leprechaun escaped” printable. 

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