• The whole “animals that look like food” meme on FB right now?  The chihuaha/muffins was cute. The little dogs/bagels one was not horrible. But the sloths/chocolate croissant was a bit much. And, now corgis/loaves of bread? Take a note from Idina Menzel and let it go.
  • There’s no reason that Uno should be as compelling a card game as it is. It’s just a glorified Crazy 8s. And yet…
  • I sat at the table tonight to accomplish so many things. Many refreshes of FB, videos of POTUS slamming Trump, and “Cute Baby” Vines later, all I’m getting done is this bulleted blog post. And that wasn’t even on my agenda to begin with.
  • Misty rain makes sad nights even sadder.
  • Last year’s Pi Day was epic. 3/14/15. This year? Not as epic. Still, I had pie neither this nor last Pi Day. Why do I keep letting these opportunities slip through my fingers?
  • My To-Do list, despite my continually checking items off it, is growing exponentially. The end of the school year is no joke for a PTG mom.
  • I am in denial about The Who’s upcoming Spring Break. We have zero plans.
  • If my bed were on the first floor, I’d probably go there a lot sooner each night.
  • I love taking things out of my head and putting them to paper. Writing, blogging, posting, drawing, painting, doodling. Things like food and water aside, I think I could exist for the rest of my life with only a pencil and paper.
  • That’s all I got. I’m ready to put this day in the books.

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