There are seven things I need to do  tomorrow. 

  1. Teach. (I keep forgetting that I have a class to teach tomorrow morning. The ultimate purpose of this list is to remind me to go to work tomorrow!)
  2. Trader Joe’s (along with the rest of the snow-fearing population. But I need eggs. And bread. I’m not even joking; there’s something to that bread-and-eggs-in-a-storm thing.)
  3. Gas. (Fill up before the storm. So I can stay parked in the driveway for two days.) 
  4. Make Dinner. (I’m going to try one of those Tasty video things. I am wooed by simple-looking recipes shown to me in a time-lapse format.) 
  5. Charge all the devices (Because what if the power goes out and I can’t play endless games of Candy Crush?)
  6. Pre-brew some coffee that can be heated on the gas stove. (No one needs two under caffeinated parents in the house all day.)
  7. Go to bed early.  

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