It snowed this morning — or sometime overnight. When I sent The Who to go check outside, he came back singing, “Up on the Housetop” with different lyrics — something about snow on the housetops and in my still-sleepy haze, I remember being impressed with his rhyming and syncopation.

I only brought Keens with me on this trip, in part because of my dedication to not wearing socks this whole winter, but in part because it was 75 degrees the day we left home and I didn’t check the weather in Boston for the rest of the week. I did hastily throw one pair of socks into my suitcase, so going outside is not a totally lost cause. (It’s only an inch or two of snow, after all. But, it’s raining now. And we all know what a mess that makes.)

We’re headed to the Enchanted Village today — a reincarnation of the old Enchanted Village that used to be displayed in a department store downtown in the 60s. So, yeah. Enchanted Village. And a 4D, 20-minute movie ride, a laser light show, and a music and ice show next to an indoor ice rink. At a furniture store. (Seriously.) People who live here don’t think this is weird at all; we’ve been going to see laser shows and movies at the furniture store since the early 90s. Maybe we’ll take a gander at some bunk beds as we wind our way through the store.

It’s been a nice visit — easy. All family (save one friend-date I had last night on my own.) We love coming here.

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