A Procrastinator’s Bullet List.

  • I always feel like I am hemorrhaging money at this time of year. Every day there’s something new and expensive to buy. I’m trying to remember that it generally evens out over the course of the year, but between The Who’s birthday, Hanukkah, Christmas, travel, and gifts for teachers, etc. it gets hard to keep it in perspective.
  • It’s come to the point where the Panera lady recognized me at Trader Joe’s and knows me by name. She is the closest thing I have to a co-worker.
  • I illustrated a curse word coloring page. I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite page so far.
  • Silhouettes of women or girls doing gymnastics are nearly indiscernible from silhouettes of women or girls doing ballet. Or maybe I’ve just been looking at silhouettes of woman and girls doing both ballet and gymnastics for too long.
  • Every good [after school/evening] activity must come to a [bitter, tantrum-y] end.
  • When it’s 30 degrees outside, I wear capris and crocs. Today: 60 degrees, a sweater, jeans, socks, and full shoes. Plus a jacket. The check-out line at the craft store is already the seventh circle of hell this time of year. All my clothing made it practically unbearable.
  • 70 degrees on Christmas Eve. That’s the forecast. I’d like to be enraged on behalf of the melting polar ice caps; instead, I’m just psyched about many more days with no socks.

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