It’s been pouring rain all day — perfect weather for the kind of afternoon I planned for us. This morning was his first performance of The Nutcracker — 10am, a show for kids on field trips. He was done at 11am and I gave him the option of going back to school or coming home. He chose to come home, though I think before this week of nighttime dress rehearsals, he might have chosen school. He loves that place.

We were home by noon, in jammies by 12:15, and settled into the couch to watch TV by 12:30. Lunch was delivered by 1pm and by 3, we had consumed an episode of Ninjago, two episodes of Project Runway Junior, and four pieces of pizza. Mary Poppins is on in the background now as he works on a Perler Bead project — the ultimate in kid-zen.

I’ve enjoyed the crazy springtime weather we’ve had here for the past couple of weeks — despite the allergies that seemed to accompany the newest crop of dandelions blooming in December (!!) but I’m glad for the dark and wet backdrop to our afternoon today. (That said, if it could go back up to 60 tomorrow, I’d be cool with that, too. I mean, I know the polar bears are dying and everything…but…I don’t want to wear socks.)

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