Bullets. Plus One Photo.

  • I’m finding Facebook to be less and less rewarding as time goes on. I am less compelled to post than I used to be and I am sick of all the “inspirational” stories and quotes that I have to muddle through in order to maybe stumble across something actually interesting and/or useful. I’m still looking for a Livejournal-like experience somewhere, but it doesn’t seem to exist. (I know LJ still exists, but the community has largely dispersed.)
  • I took this whole day off from illustrating, which wasn’t necessarily the smartest move in terms of deadline, but I needed a creative break. Instead I spent the day packing fair trade fundraiser items, seeing a movie, making dinner, and shuttling The Who to and from dress rehearsal.
  • I have mostly eaten no added sugar for weeks. Three weeks, maybe? Four? It’s mostly boiled down to not drinking soda and declining cake at birthday parties. It also meant that I brought my own blackberry seltzer and a big container of fruit salad to the movies. I feel a lot better when I don’t eat things with a ton of added sugar.
  • I was waiting for one student to turn in a final assignment before submitting all the final grades together, even though they were done and calculated days ago. Then, in the hustle and bustle, I missed the noon submission deadline today. All is well and grade changes have been submitted, but my inbox is flooded with “Why did I get a “No Grade?” What did I do? What can I do to fix it?” panic. And they’ll keep coming in until the grade changes are complete.
  • File Dec 16, 6 42 27 PM

    This Baby Mouse.

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