Today at The Who’s well visit, we were given some sad and sobering news about his pediatrician. The delivery (from the pediatrician herself) was direct and honest and blindsiding and although I think the outcome will eventually be ok, I’m  certain that it affected both of us strongly and in different ways. 

For my part, it was an acute reminder of mortality. And of how it can all change on a dime. This woman lives in my town. Has four children. Last year at this time, her whole life told a different story. 

For The Who, he had a complete and total meltdown before bed tonight. It was ostensibly about regretting an earlier decision he had made, but was probably more about having feelings of fear and sadness bubble up, making something that might have been small into something seemingly catastrophic. 

I never cease to be amazed at the ways in which feelings burrow down and emerge dressed in different clothing. And how recognizing them can give air and space to what might have stayed otherwise  insidiously underneath. 

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