We had a lot more time last year. Time to research books on a realistic version of the Thanksgiving story, for example. Time to carve a pumpkin earlier than the evening of Halloween. Time to make it to the library every week or two. Just more time. 

Historically, and in every description of myself I have ever given, I’m someone who likes to be busy. I like having places to go and being out all day so that when I arrive home, it’s dinner and then bedtime. I never understood people who looked forward to summer when the kids would be home, the schedules relaxed. And, honestly, though I enjoyed our past summer a lot, I was delighted to get back to a routine. 

But these days, I could really use a pause button. Up until this week, it had been ok. But all of a sudden, I’m feeling the crush of the holidays approaching and not being ready and having so much to do and so many places to be. 

The Who could use a break, too. And I can tell because he always used to opt to go places if they were offered. These days, he generally opts to stay home. Throw the ball around with m*. Draw a map. Read some books. Full day school, ballet, Nutcracker rehearsals, piano lessons, Hebrew school…we all just need to sloooooow dooooown. 

I honestly don’t know how people manage more than one kid and maintain sanity. 

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