It hard for me not to spend every dollar I have at the book fair. I mean, it would be hard if I just visited it once or twice, but I’m there every day, volunteering. I just want to bring every single one of them home. Ok, not every single one. 

Today, I asked The Who to look over  the books on the upper grade non-fiction table to see if there were any he was interested in. He brought me a stack of about five. Among them  was a tome on World War II. 

“World War II?” I asked him. “What’s interesting to you about World War II?” I was certain that he had just hastily taken it from the table because he wanted to get back to whatever game he was playing with his buddy. 

“I’m interested in it,” he said earnestly. “I’m curious about how most of the countries in the world could fight against just a few other ones and at the end, free the people.”

My bad. Guess we’ll buy the book. (And at least a few others before the week is out.)

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