Do the shit you’re supposed to do. 

I thought maybe I would post, in detail, about how the restaurant we got takeout from totally screwed up the order and I had to go back to get the meal they are re-making for me (which is where I am now, outside, waiting for it.) But then I realized that that’s not the issue. People make mistakes and it’s frustrating to be on the receiving end of them, but the cause for my string of shouted curse words (“Mama, what does, ‘why can’t people just do the shit they’re supposed to do’ mean?”) was not someone’s mistake at the restaurant. It was my incapacity to deal these days. 

Some of you know what I’ve been dealing with, uh, pharmaceutically speaking. And it’s been a decent month (despite a rocky beginning.) But, cycles are…well…cyclical. And here we are again, a month later, at the rocky beginning again. 

I wanted to wait until I had an opportunity to speak with a doctor, but I don’t think I’m gonna last that long. That comment about wanderlust in yesterday’s post? It wasn’t quite as whimsical a feeling as it perhaps sounded. I really wanted to Get. On. A. Train. 

We promised The Who that we would do our best to support him through the challenging month of Nutcracker rehearsals, but what I didn’t count on was being virtually unable to support myself during my own challenging month. I’m not doing anyone any favors. 

There’s a lot more to this conversation than I’m willing to have in this very public forum. But pros and cons have been weighed (albeit somewhat hastily, in the car, as I wait for my remade meal) and the choice seems pretty clear. 

I just need to add picking up a script at CVS to my long list of to-do items. 

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