When I say…

Tomorrow is the 2nd grade Career Day at The Who’s school. It shouldn’t matter at all to me since The Who is a first grader, but because I have a semi-interesting side career and because all of my federal and state clearances are up to date (meaning I am allowed to hang out with kids at school) I was asked to participate. I’m not talking about my job as a professor, but rather an illustrator. The one that pays me — ahem — just nearly what the other one does. And the one that I am more successful at, if we’re counting success as the one that makes me happiest and most fulfilled.

I made a Powerpoint. For this presentation. To small groups of 7-and-8-year-olds. Because when I say “presentation!” you say, “Powerpoint!” Or something like that.

Click here to see what is possibly the most prosaic Powerpoint ever.


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