Day 10 (on the 11th)

Here’s another one of those “it’s technically tomorrow, but I’m still awake, so it’s still today” posts. 

Does it count as a post if the post is about all the things I was doing instead of posting? (Of course it counts. Who’s making the rules for this rodeo, anyway?)

  • I was teaching.
  • I was making dinner. 
  • I was doing the dishes. 
  • I was sending out a “campaign” (that’s MailChimp-ese for email) to get people to volunteer for multiple PTG events. (PTG is like PTA except without the whole national organization bylaws thing. Parent Teacher Group. P T G. Now you never need to ask me what it means again.)
  • I was building the November newsletter campaign. 
  • I was putting The Who to bed. 
  • I was illustrating pages for the new fundraiser project I am doing. 
  • I was emailing The Who’s religious school director about how to make it more challenging for him because he misses learning Hebrew.
  • I was talking to my brother for hours on the phone. 

Tuesday is the day that I am busy from morning ’til night. Not so with every other weekday. Still, somehow the days get away from me. But there you have it. Day 10. An hour and 12 minutes late. 

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