Look at That.

Before I even go any further, I’ll admit that it’s not that difficult to make me cry lately. A confluence of circumstances has made it so that even clips from the Ellen show on Facebook will make me tear up. So, it’s not a surprise to me that yesterday, this song kind of ruined me.

It’s a catchy song and I think, at first, that’s what made us both listen to it a little more closely. But then we talked about the lyrics and I think it hit him in the gut, too. In the shower last night, he closed his eyes and tilted his chin up, and the chorus came bubbling up and out of his sweet little mouth. “Look at that, look at that, what is she wearing, will you look at that.”

If you’re a parent who spent most of her childhood yearning to fit in and you have a kid who confidently stands up for himself and celebrates his own difference…well, you’ll see. This song is made for us. Good luck holding it together.

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