I spent the last two days hovered over a computer screen, trying to figure out why, when I uploaded my scanned illustrations, they printed all enormous on Staples’ website. I got so frustrated trying to figure it out that I almost had to put it away for the second night in a row and try again tomorrow. I finally realized that I could “fit the image to the paper size” and I could finally put the order through. The two most frustrating things in the world — at least these days —  are: 1. tech problems that are virtually unsolvable and that eat up hours and hours of time; and 2. blankets all over the floor.

Also, I had this thought coming back in from dropping The Who off at school:
“The grocery delivery guy tracked wet leaves through the whole house” and “My shore house is unsatisfactory” fall into the exact same category of statements.

I am reminded of this Louis CK bit (and also, now, reminded that there is pretty much a Louis CK bit for every single thing in the world.)
(I am also reminded that Louis CK has a filthy mouth.)
(And, also reminded that I don’t even care because he’s awesome.)

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