De Plane. 

For as long as I’ve had a Who, I’ve been planning to get a very specific tattoo: the clover on which the tiny speck that is Whoville resides. I’ve thought and thought about how I would somehow incorporate his date of birth into the design (the actual date, printed alongside the stem? More subtly worked into the shadows of the bloom?) I have had several different ideas about where I’d put it (tiny, behind my ear? Bigger, on the top of my foot?) But despite years of contemplating it, I never settled on anything definitively.  


A month or so ago, once I started making a little extra money on the weekends, I began thinking about saving for the tattoo and I took to Pinterest to start collecting images. Now, I have an entire pin board of different ideas, different pieces that I would composite together to create the perfect image, and ideas about where on my body to put it. But, lo: it’s not the image I’ve been planning since The Who was brand new. It’s something else entirely. 

Yesterday, The Who and I discussed my next tattoo and what I was thinking and he was enchanted by what I had chosen. And we talked and talked about the different elements of the image and the shape and where it could go and I realized that this, not the clover, not the Who reference, but this is the image that means something. Both to me personally and aesthetically, but also to him. When we see this image in nature, he immediately links it to me. He loves it, too. It has special meaning to each of us individually and to both of us together. 

So, that’s what I’m planning on now. I can’t wait. 

One thought on “De Plane. 

  1. Recently was watching a tv medical show and they were doing some stuff with internal organs and a liver I think came out really black and when asked, the doctor said…”oh it’s tattoo ink — this person had a few tattoos”…so there you go.

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