• Sometimes you find yourself at the Acme at 9:30pm on a Monday with chocolate milk, clarifying shampoo, and a soft foam Eagles football in your cart. 
  • Yesterday, a friend asked me what days I was free to get together this week and I told her, “Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. All day.” This is what first grade has given me: an abundance of free time. Too much. And yet, still not enough to figure out how to get groceries in for a week of meals. 
  • Meals. School lunch. It wasn’t an option until this year and I find myself, most mornings, wishing he would prefer to buy the processed, portioned, previously frozen “seasoned taco turkey crumble.” Most days, he’d rather bring something from home and I guess I should be glad that he would rather eat the organic, mostly whole food stuff we have have (I said mostly. There’s still a decent amount of Cheezits going on in there.) 
  • Vitamin Water quietly changed their formula back to the original! I don’t know when (or why they never announced it) but the other day I noticed that my cherished “yellow” tasted normal again. This shouldn’t make me as happy as it does. 
  • The Who tried gum for the first time the other day. He loved it. Wait until I teach him to blow bubbles. It’s a game-changer. 

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