…in which I have some lukewarm reactions to what’s currently trending on Facebook…

  • Why did that 9-year-old die suddenly walking down the road? And why don’t we get to know? Why are we only given half a story and a photograph? Every headline mentions bringing cookies to a friend and is accompanied by his decidedly chubby face. Are we all jumping to conclusions about his death being somehow “fat kids die young” related or is that just me? Do 9-year-olds just die suddenly? I really don’t need another thing to worry about.
  • Like this, for example. What the ever-loving fuck?
  • 10,000 year old preserved cave lions. That’s something you don’t hear every day.
  • In the “Heaven or Hospital” case, we are asked if we agree with the parents’ decision and I have decided this: who are “we” to question any parent’s decision about how to best love his or her child? That’s what this is. This is not an issue of neglect or of parental fitness. This is an issue of care and compassion. Of course, the circumstances are complex, but what it boils down to is that, while I am generally in favor of “big government,” I don’t think it has any place in this decision.
  • Katy Perry apparently performed at a Hillary Clinton event. This gives me hope, but I don’t know why. I don’t even have any feelings about Katy Perry in general.
  • Lena Dunham is dressing as a Planned Parenthood doctor for Halloween. This also gives me hope.
  • And, finally, while it’s all well and good that Beyonce performed a version of a Prince song, there’s really no Beyonce performance more entertaining than “La Fway.”

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