There are a handful of things that result in my extreme frustration/aggravation/anger/impatience. I’m thinking that maybe, if I list the things, seeing them on paper will help me find common denominators or reasons behind them — or more likely, things in me that get triggered during these behaviors. If you have any insight to share, please please do. I’m really hoping I can figure it out and stop being so annoyed all the time. (Caveat: I know a lot of this is just typical 6-7 year old stuff, which is why I am trying to think about what is activated in me so I can work with it.)

  1. When he gets really silly. 
  2. When he touches me on my face, takes my glasses off, or repeatedly makes small movements (finger or toe wiggles, usually) against my body. 
  3. When he leaves pillows and blankets on the floor. 
  4. When he screams, “ok!” after I’ve gotten frustrated at him and told him so. 
  5. When he doesn’t eat. 
  6. When he fidgets with crumbs of food, a straw, or a cup at mealtime. 
  7. When he takes a game or a joke too far or too long past fun or funny. 
  8. When he is selfish with his friends. 
  9. When he talks nonsense or asks nonsense questions. 
  10. When he asks “why” without thinking first. 

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