There is no way to say this in beautiful prose or pithy little parenthetical sentences:

The situation with the [complete fucking lack of] gun control in this country is disgusting and terrifying. 

In the past two days, I have heard two stories that have made me not want to leave my house with my child. One story about playing at a playground that I wouldn’t give a second thought to playing at, only to have the playing cut short by a cascade of nearby gunshots. And another story about suburban newscasters shot dead on camera, live, in front of a fucking shopping mall. 

Y’know, sometimes when The Who is doing something he knows he shouldn’t be doing, he goes and does it right under my nose to be sure I know that he is testing the boundary. He is looking for me to tell him when enough is enough. 

Apparently no one is cares enough about people shooting at unarmed young black boys wearing hoodies or members of the trans community. Apparently, they haven’t hit our limit yet, so the unmonitored gun-carriers had to go and shoot out a storefront next to a playground.  And go shoot two white twentysomethings on THE FREAKING LIVE LOCAL NEWS.

Did they find the limit yet? Can you see me now, Mama? Are you gonna let me keep doing this, Mama? I’m right here in front of you, Mama. 

Jesus. I hear the message loud and clear. Why don’t we all? 

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