• My current binge-watching series is Medium. I am temporarily ignoring the problematic things that Patricia Arquette said at the last big awards show and choosing instead to just enjoy her delightfully imperfect teeth.
  • My rental is a Buick Encore SUV. I can only think of the new Buick ad campaigns every time I climb up into it. “This is not your father’s Buick.” Except my father never owned a Buick and, even though I am quite enjoying my ride these days, neither will I.
  • (Maybe, at one point, my father owned a Buick. But not in my lifetime.)
  • We’ve got ourselves a new synagogue. We spent two hours there today, looking around and meeting people. I kind of loved it. On our tour, though, as we walked around the building outside, I saw my first autumn leaf on the ground. It reminded me that I’ve heard acorns on the roof the last few days. And it was dark when I got home at 9pm last night. I am feeling very conflicted about the impending season change.
  • Our days this week have been full of errands. Tomorrow, my boy gets a play date. He’s been incredibly patient.
  • I can’t believe it’s almost time to edit that “first day of school” Lego sign from last year.Photo Sep 02, 10 50 01 AM

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