• All I want to do is draw lately. I love the look of a completed coloring page and the satisfaction of a completed book is nearly unmatched.
  • I’m about 73% ready to go home. Maybe by the end of tomorrow, it will be more. It’s kind of nice to anticipate sleeping in my own bed, showering in my own shower, and buying and cooking my own food. (Who would have thought that one of the outcomes of this time away would be that I was looking forward to shopping and cooking again? I might need a month away three times a year to keep the magic of housewifery alive.) (WordPress doesn’t think “housewifery” is a word, but in my head, it is. It’s pronounced like midwifery.)
  • Shopping! I almost forgot that I’m supposed to be putting in an online grocery order to be delivered when we get back…
  • …which will be tricky with no working credit card — damn you credit card number swiper! I’m glad you got a couple of tanks of gas and a meal at IHOP, though, if that’s what you needed. My fantasy of your story is that you’re on the lam from the law, traveling from California through Arizona, and ultimately into Mexico. Good luck with that.
  • I kind of can’t imagine having crammed anything more into these past six weeks. We’re tired. We did and saw so much and went so many places. We have a years-old tradition of making a photo album of the noteworthy things we did during the summer; this year’s might be a multi-volume set!

    We saw:
    The Bunker Hill Monument
    The Paul Revere House
    The Boston Massacre site
    Old North Church
    The Old State House
    The State House
    Quincy Market/Fanueil Hall (twice!)
    The USS Constitution
    Plymouth Rock
    The Mayflower
    The Ducklings statues
    The Tortoise and the Hare statues
    The Paul Revere statue
    Fireworks (twice!)

    We went:
    Fishing in the Charles River
    on a city bus tour
    on a Plymouth trolley tour
    on a whale watch
    on the Swan Boats (three times!)
    on the T (a lot)
    to The Aquarium
    to The Museum of Science
    to The Franklin Park Zoo
    to LegoLand Discovery Center
    to the movies (twice)
    to The Boston Common
    to The Public Garden
    to The Haymarket
    to The North End
    to Theatre Camp
    to Cape Cod/the beach
    to multiple Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thrus
    to a 4th of July Parade
    to the library (twice)
    to Copley Square
    to the Boston Marathon Finish LineWe got:
    Three haircuts (collectively — well, two cuts and one color)
    Five new Lego sets
    Ten new books
    A new game
    Many postcards
    Many small trinket souvenirs
    A build-your-own volcano set
    Two migraines (collectively)
    Zero sunburns!

    We hung out with:
    Six kid-friends
    Seven adult-friends
    Four babies
    Two cousins
    One uncle
    One aunt
    Two great-aunts
    Two great-uncles
    Two grandparents
    A bunch of second cousins, third cousins, second cousins once removed, first cousins once removed, and first cousins twice removed, and
    Three dogs.

    I need a nap just from writing that list.



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