I’m absolutely out of steam right now, so I won’t be including photos, but rest assured, there are many and they are awesome.

With that disclaimer, I’m checking in here to say that as both a native Bostonian and as an educating/entertaining parent, I am absolutely killing it on this trip.

In 23 days, we have:

  • Walked (some of) and ridden (some of) the Freedom Trail
  • Eaten lunch at Fanueil Hall (twice)
  • Ridden the Swan Boats (three times)
  • Climbed on the Duckling statues
  • Ridden the Frog Pond carousel (three times)
  • Toured the USS Constitution
  • Ridden the T
  • Taken a city bus tour
  • Seen the site of the Boston Massacre (and learned the story along the way)
  • Gone to the movies (twice — once with Mommy!)
  •  Visited the New England Aquarium
  • Seen humpbacks on a whale watch
  • Gone to Roller Derby
  • Spent time at my childhood library
  • Seen the Boston Marathon finish line
  • Waded in the Copley Fountain
  • Gone to the Science Museum
  • Seen a movie in the Omni Theatre
  • Taken a week of theatre classes
  • Performed in a class demonstration
  • Attended one cousin’s basketball game and another cousin’s baseball game
  • Had two piano lessons
  • Seen 4th of July fireworks
  • Gone swimming in the pool with friends
  • Had multiple meals out with friends and family.

And all this was interspersed with plenty of leisurely mornings at home, early nights to bed, relaxing evening bathtub soaks, and lots of one-on-one time.

Still to come: a day on the Cape, another week of theatre classes, a sand-sculpting competition on the beach (with evening fireworks), Legoland Discovery Center, and fishing.

We’re probably spending too much money and The Who surely misses his mommy (he told me so today) but this has definitely been one of my favorite months on record. As the time in the rented apartment dwindles (we have ten days left here and then will spend five more days at my aunt’s house before heading back), I am delighted to realize that I will be neither sad to leave nor sad to go back to Philly. I will feel like we did just what we came here to do and that we are going back to our home. Total win-win.

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