Eleven Down.

The reason we’re staying here for the better part of six weeks is not so The Who can sit on his Grandma’s lap and have his ears so lovingly covered as the fire trucks come screaming down the street during the parade.


Hometown parade.

And it’s not so I can dust off my old Boston accent and perfect my flat A while ordering hometown ice cream.


I think the extra “a” is unnecessary, but no one asked me.


Wattamellin sherbit with chocklit jimmies.

Nor is it for the history lessons The Who is getting about decades-long traditions and centuries-old freedom fights.


No. While these are all great perks of this trip, the way I see it, none of those is the real reason. The real reason is this: 



From jumping to chatting and back to jumping again.


I could sit and watch my boy with his cousins play and talk and wrestle and love on one another forever.


One thought on “Eleven Down.

  1. Jory is down visiting his cousins right now. He loves them, and even though they are only 18 months there’s already a bond.

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