Wait, what? June? It’s June?

I don’t enjoy change. I like my schedule and my routine and when it changes, I get all bent out of shape. Mondays and Fridays he goes to PM kindergarten. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, he is somewhere from 9-3:30. Saturdays are ballet. Sundays are Hebrew school. I teach on Tuesdays. Wednesday evening is piano lessons.  

Except not anymore. Saturday ballet is over and now we are expected at Thursday night recital rehearsals for three weeks in a row. And Hebrew school is over until September. And there are only two weeks left of piano before a 6-week hiatus. And there’s no school next Thursday and then just like that, on the following Tuesday, I’ll have a rising first-grader. 
The growing up part is fun. The part where he moves on and up and things end and begin anew — it’s fun. Theoretically. In practice, it just makes me feel like I have completely lost my grasp on the day-to-day. 

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