After a scant 6 hours of sleep, a hurried morning, an 8:30am parent-teacher conference, hours of grading, hours of child/baby entertaining, chauffeuring to piano lessons, picking up essentials at the grocery store, washing dishes, feeding the kid, and then slicing/breading/frying an eggplant, all I wanted was to sit and eat dinner. And then I realized that I had no sauce. So I left the eggplant parm assembly right in the middle, turned off the pasta water, and cried. I really did. 

But then I watched a clip of Kevin Spacey and Jimmy Fallon doing startlingly accurate impressions of celebrities and I got a sweet text from a friend and maybe — I mean, I don’t know — but maybe I can muster the energy to run *back* to the store for sauce. 

Or maybe I will order a pizza. 


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