Sometimes I find it very hard to put down the phone and go to sleep. Even when I am exhausted. Even when there is nothing left for me to read. I refresh email and refresh Facebook and refresh Instagram and there’s nothing there. Not even one of those bible verses that the Duggar girls seem to love to post. Not even a clickbait Banoosh or Newslinq video. Nothing  from one refresh to the next. And yet, taking off my glasses, plugging in the phone to charge, and turning off the light seems too final. 

I’m seeking something. I must be, right? What are we all seeking when we mindlessly refresh? Am I looking for connection? Is the notion of being alone with my thoughts as I drift off to sleep just too much some nights? Because it’s not every night. Sometimes it’s very easy to roll over and tuck the pillow under my cheek and close my eyes. Some nights I can’t wait to climb in between the flannel  and stretch out my legs. But then  there are all the other nights…

I sure do hope I find what I am looking for. 

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