Wait. What?

I just realized, when someone posted on Facebook about it being Monday, that I have lost all track of time. I’m pretty much just floating around in the vortex of “Holiday” and Monday or Sunday or Friday — none of it matters. All that matters is that tomorrow is The First Day of The Rest of Vacation.

I don’t know why I’m dreading (fearing?) this vacation so much. Maybe it’s because he’s never been off from school this many days in a row. His Pre-K was also a daycare, so they were just closed for Christmas and then right back in the saddle. Maybe it’s because he really hasn’t been the most pleasant child to be around lately, which, while not entirely unexpected, really sucks. (Reference this very informative article, which has been spot-on since The Who was a toddler.) Maybe it’s because I just have a lot on my plate this week between Homeroom Mom duties and nightly Hanukkah celebrations. Maybe it’s because I stay up too late watching 90-Day Fiance. It could be any or all of that.

Whatever the reason, people keep saying it’s Monday and I guess I have to believe them. Even though it’s totally Thursday. Thursday that’s a day after a particularly harrowing Sunday. Good morning. It’s bedtime. Obvs.


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