More Bullets.

And, in a stunning display of “la la la I’m not listening to the predominant news stories on my feed right now” I offer you this semi-holiday-themed bullet list:

  • The Who is currently on the pot, humming loudly. This has nothing to do with the holiday upcoming, but he does seem to be humming “Jingle Bells.” So, there’s that.
  • The Giant wasn’t nearly as crowded as you might have expected at 5pm on the day before the first forecasted winter storm and two days before Thanksgiving. And they weren’t sold out of anything that I needed. Thanks for coming through for me in the 11th hour, Giant.
  • Many profs cancelled classes today. I did not. But we did play Cards Against Humanity and called it a lesson on sentence structure, diction, and knowing the appropriate language for your audience.
  • I felt a little bit of anxiety as I picked The Who up from his extended day care today. This is the same place where he spends three mornings a week before PM kindergarten, but because his school is closed for conferences, he spent the entire day for the first time. I reminded myself that I left him for longer periods at a younger age at his last school and that helped. Still. It seems I have gotten out of the habit of having him in one place for seven straight hours. Just in time for, like, the rest of his life of full-time school.
  • This is the first year that I have not made (or been served) turkey for Thanksgiving (unless you count that one tragic Thanksgiving where my grandfather decided to dispense with tradition entirely and serve pea soup.) Coincidentally, this is the first year that The Who has even given the menu a second thought. “But it’s called Turkey Day. You can’t serve chicken!” And yet, I am.
  • When The Who was born, six years ago on Thanksgiving Day, my labor nurse said, “He’ll have a birthday on Thanksgiving every six years. So, on his 6th birthday, it will be Thanksgiving again!” Pfft. He’ll never be six, I thought. Um. Yeah.
  • There will be succotash because it’s m*’s tradition. There will be sweet potatoes because it’s mine. There will also be chilled, jellied cranberry sauce, still looking like the can once it’s on the plate. Because yum.
  • M* has been away for two nights on business. In her absence, I have made 4 dozen meatballs, 4 dozen mini cookie cupcakes, 5 cups of blue buttercream, and a mess.
  • Tomorrow: birthday cake procuring, house tidying, guest-room prepping, loud music listening, and a whole lot of gratitude for a whole lot of things.
"To get a more vibrant hue, use gel food coloring." (So says Liv, the cake lady.)

“To get a more vibrant hue, use gel food coloring.” (So says Liv, the cake lady.)


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