1. The bathroom, she is juuuuust nearly done. Waiting on the delivery and then installation of a cabinet and the procurement of some yellow towels and then I will exhale. In the meantime, we have a squeegee and yellow hand soap; things could be worse. Also, rainbows continue to stream in through the window. It’s one of my favorite things about the whole house: morning bathroom rainbows.


2. Fall weather is in and out. I love the way the seasons fold into one another. It’s sort of like coloring a rainbow with crayons, overlapping the red into yellow and orange and then blending the wax on the page with a warm fingertip. Hard to see where one ends and the other begins. Yesterday was actually chilly. Today, warmer. Tomorrow, rain. It’s non-linear and it reminds me of New England with its April snowstorms.

3. We repurposed a piece of bathroom furniture (which was already a repurposed piece of The Who’s nursery furniture) and turned his art desk into more of a hybrid art/homework space. A MacBook (my old one) now lives there. Because it’s almost 2015 (what? How did it get to be the future?) and don’t all 6-year-olds have personal computers in their homework spots? That said, he is mostly using it for [child-safe] image searching so he can draw pictures of things. That’s my boy.

4. The past month, though full of good things, has really been cramping my style. I understand that all things ebb and flow. I’m ready for some flow, please.


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